I’m certificated life-coach, Vedic astro-psychologist and a healer, the author of the Personal Transformation Course “In the rhythm with Nature.”

I’ve been practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices since 1994 when I met my first Teacher. 12 years I lived in India where I studied Vedic astrology and psychology, and the practice of meditation led me to the comprehension and feeling of the knowledge I’ve gained. 

I can help you:

  • to get more connected with your inner wisdom and to follow the path of your heart,

  • to improve relationships with your partner, children, parents, friends... and what is the most important - with yourself,

  • to release emotional blocks from your body through the breathing meditation and changing your attitude to the painful situation.

All sessions are available online.









I don’t make horoscopes for all the zodiac signs as I look at the Person and see in everyone a unique combination of energies of all 12 signs of the zodiac and 9 planets.


I don’t predict future, but I’m able to explain the present - the higher meaning of what is happening right now. As any situation that raises questions implies a conscious decision, and that’s what I see in the energies of the planets. And that’s what I’m sharing with people for many years.

After my astro consultation you will be able:

  • to clarify for yourself any situation in your life and you will get recommendations how to improve it;

  • to make your right choice in any sphere of your life;

  • to stop worrying and focus on what is really relevant for you right now;

  • to find out what personal growth practices are useful for you right now, during this period of your life;

  • to live more consciously and follow your own path.

And if you want to get more connected with your inner wisdom or to heal yourself, welcome to my coaching sessions - I will guide you.



I analyze your astrological birth chart to understand and feel you better and to create a work program that is effective for you.

Now I offer 3 kinds of coaching sessions:


This session is for you;

  • if you are looking for a bisiness or occupation in which you can realise your creativity and be financially independent;

  • if you are happy with what you are doing but you stuck and don't know where to move.


These sessions are for you if you want:

  • to improve your relationships with your partner, children, parents, friends... and with yourself and you are ready to change yourself;

  • to let go past relationships that emotionally haunt you and dont't allow you to move ahead.


These sessions are for you if you want:

  • to realize psychological reason of the imbalance in your body and let it go at the subconscious level;

  • to take responsibility for your health and your life.

At the session (apart from discussion) you make a guided meditation that matches your request. During this meditation you get connected with your inner wisdom and get:

  • the only right (for you!) answer to your question (about your activities);

  • the deep reason of your problem and its healing (your relationships and health).

You can do it even if you have never meditated.

I give you as well:

  • practices of awareness that will allow you not to fall into the same trap and to listen to your inner wisdom;

  • inspiration and support during your period of transformation.






This is a course of monthly practical workshops about awareness (12 unique workshops per year), based on the energies of the Lunar months, psychology and the practice of meditation.

Nature - is not only forests, meadows, seas and mountains, but our entire Solar system as well, which determines the cycles and the rhythms in the nature and in a human being. Knowing and using these rhythms in your life allows you to be more successful in your actions, more emotionally balanced and to feel happy.

In personal development is also better to be engaged according to the rhythms of Nature. Each soft skill (like being a good listener, having more empathy towards others, becoming more efficient, more confident and organized, etc.) corresponds to a certain month of the year and if you pay attention to this soft skill on time, the energies of the Nature help and the process goes softer and faster.


At the workshop:

  • you will learn about the energies of the current Lunar month and get recommendations from astrological point of view what is auspicious to do during this period of time and what activities is better to postpone (awareness of actions);

  • we will discuss the soft skill that can be improved during this month and practices of mindfulness for that (awareness in mind);

  • we will make a special guided meditation tuned to the energies of the month (harmony with yourself and with the world).

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to find out the dates of the workshops. You can join on-line group at any time, just write me a message. Try one workshop to feel if it's right for you.



After Laxmi’s astro consultation about conscious parenting I began to understand better my husband and children. When I started  to give them what they need, but not what I want, relationships in the family finally got better! Now I feel that we are a great team! Thanks a lot!

Irina Pavlova

Every time I was amazed how easily I see the reason of my problems and their solutions during  the coaching meditations with Laxmi. That's how I learned to trust myself and others and suddenly my life became easier and more interesting. I recommend everyone to work with Laxmi!

Dan Bergman

Thank you for healing me from my chronic illness and delusion!

Michael from Moscow

After sessions with Laxmi I feel much better and everything becomes better. I consider our acquaintance to be a great luck!

Bogdan Gusak



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